How To Achieve Success The FASTEST Way Possible (Realistically Speaking)

Get Clean, Get Clear and Focus On The Accomplishments On Your Goal Until You Win

Life is neutral. There are no rules and no time as to how long it will take for you to succeed at reaching your goals and dreams.

There is, however, always a process and specific time frame as to how long it will take to successfully complete that specific process to reach that specific outcome.

But the journey and what you will need to do and how long will it take is ultimately UP TO YOU.

It’s up to YOU how long it will take for you to succeed or even if you will succeed.

But, objectively speaking, there is always a process that needs to be done in order to succeed.


How to succeed fast

Because we are not living in the magical Universe; we are living in a mathematical and logical universe.

So, to realistically succeed the fastest, you need to OPTIMIZE yourself and your life to the max to reach desired end result faster based on how things are and work in objective reality.

This is the only thing we can possibly do, and this is the thing what I’m going to help you to understand and then give you practical tips as to what you could do to shape your life in a way, so you will INCREASE your chances to succeed in your intentions dramatically.

How To Shorten The Gap Between Where You Are To Where You Want to Be

If you want to succeed in life, you’ll need to SACRIFICE your short-term pleasures and distractions for the long-term pleasures and fulfilment.

There is no other way.

After you succeed at reaching your goal, then you can do whatever you want or keep pushing to get more in life.

You need to discipline yourself to sacrifice many things in your life for the accomplishment of your goals.

Because you can’t at the same time workout and play video games. And if your goal is to build bigger muscle mass, based on science and how things actually are and work in objective reality, you will need to work out and do other parts of the process to build bigger muscle mass you want.

The good news is that those things we do by default are mostly BS activities anyway. So you don’t need to sacrifice that much as you need to cleanse and reorganize your life, body, and mind.

The thing is that we are now living in this CONSUMER era, in which all the business do their utmost to basically hack our biology to make sure we consume their products and services.

So, it’s not that easy to stay clean, clear and focused on achieving our goals when outside environment is designed in a way to get from us as much time, money and ATTENTION as possible. I understand that.

But our goals doesn’t give a rats about that.

Jim Rohn Quote about Goals

If you want to succeed at achieving your goals, you need to be aware of this BS part of life and counterattack it to optimize yourself and your life to be even more focused in spite of the BS.

Masses will fail because they live their life by default based on the enviroment they are surrounded in.

We can’t do anything about that.

But YOU can WIN. You can succeed.

How to achieve success the fastest

And you can do so pretty fast, faster than you think it’s possible. If you eliminate all the distraction and BS from your life and focus clearly and specifically at achieving your goal(s).

In these times when everyone is unfocused, low-attention, pleasure-seeking zombies, it’s easier to succeed than ever before.

But you must unplug from the BS and shape your life in the way you want to live it.

You must take POWER and CONTROL over your mind, body and your life if you want to LIVE your desires.

I the master of my life. Dan Pena - Just do it!

The thing about getting clean, clear and focused all comes down to being able to do the things we know we need to do and stop doing the things we know we need to stop doing.

The truth is that we always know what we should and shouldn’t do. We always know. This blog post is just a reminder and rehearsal for you to do what you deep down know you need to do.

But I’ll try my best to give specific instruction as to how to get clean, clear and focused. And I’ll also give you some extra knowledge I’ve picked up along the way through my own journey towards my ultimate success.

3 Fundamental Tips To Achieve Success The FASTEST Way Possible

1. Eliminate all the BS all at once.

There is no point to do it a little bit at the time. I mean, are you a child? You can’t just stop doing nonsense that is pointless and sucks your soul and all life out from you?

The reason why you need to stop all the BS all together is that you need to completely deprive your brain cells of dopamine doses by doing all the instant-pleasure giving activities. Activities that your brains produce dopamine and think will make you happy if you continue to do.

It’s hard and pointless to fight with machine (body) . Better is to outsmart it.


Do it for couple days and you will experience the effects of cleaner, clearer and more focused mind.

In that state you won’t need to learn or practice how to have more focus – you will be clearer, focused, and more driven to do things by default. It will be the result of.

2. Meditate

Meditation basically means – for a certain period of time think NOTHING.

The purpose of this exercise is not to be a Zen Buddhist monk and reach nirvana but to cleanse your mind and more importantly TRAIN YOUR MIND to FOCUS.

That’s all there is to it.

By investing time to train your mind to think nothing, you will train your mind to focus and when it comes to living and doing things,you will be more CONSCIOUS and FOCUSED.

Doing a lot of nonsese all day is pointles. And many of you live like that because you are little bit too much under control over your subonscious mind. And your subonscious mind will work on auopilot if the conscious mind will not take the lead.

The moment conscious mind takes the lead subonscious follows. There is actually a sepreate system in your brains that activates when you start to pay attention to the way you live your life – self-control part of your brain.

3. Think, plan, prepare MORE

You see, to reach outcome E, you need to do the process A+B+C…

Not only you need to do exactly those thing but there are some thing that are more important to do than the others.

If you don’t think, plan and prepare in advance, you are losing tons of time doing less important (or not important at all) things.

If you would look back at your day today and see how you spend your time, you would see two things.

  1. What you did resulted what you get.
  2. You could spend your time way better if you would spend it more consciously and think, plan, and prepare MORE.

If life has no meaning, my experience is my experience, what I do is what I get. Then if you’ll take time to think, plan, and prepare, you will spend your time way better and progress way faster at attaining your goals, then if you don’t think, plan and prepare in advance at all.

I analyze my brains out from testing and expermenting and reading tons and tons of things to in the end construct this formula for imprving my own productivity.

You don’t need to go through BS like I did. You can shortcut your way to success and take the formula, apply in your life and enjoy massive result that will obviously follow.

Of course, it will take time to get to the point when you’re really clean, clear and focused and consciously go after what you want in life and succeed doing so, but it will be all worth it.

I mean living your desires. Actually to live and experience what that is you’re wanting.

To take power and control over your mind, body, and life and direct it towards goal by invest as much time and energy to accomplish it is the fastest way to succeed in achieving it.

To you ultimate success.

How To Achieve Success The FASTEST Way Possible by

Sany Fox

(the success guy)

On the mission to inspire, motivate, educate and EMPOWER millions of people to live better lives.


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