How To Build An Online Business (The Smart Way)

This website and all that I’m creating (teaching) is all about how to reach the desired end result the fastest way possible (realistically speaking), hence STRAIGHT PATH TO SUCCESS.

And there is a straight path to success in making money online, also. How to build an online business in a smart way.

In this blog post, you’are going to learn that path.

This blog post will be all about MINDSET.

I’ll not share specific technical strategies but the overall mindset of the way to operate and buld your business, so that you can succeed in everything you do.

Success is 99% (if not 100%) all about your MINDSET.

When you will get your mind right, you will be able to succeed in everything you do. But, in order to do so, you will need to know the structure of ideas you can start to shape your mind and life to successfully reach your desirend end result.

I’m a guy who loves to look at the world objectively and analyze it to find a winning formula in specific other to apply in there life and succeed.

So without any further ado, let’s begin.

You Can Be Omniscient Or You Can Make Money

“In order to make money, you don’t need to know everything about online marketing to do so,” is what I wish I could say to my younger self.

There is no correlation between knowledge and the results we get.

You could potentially learn all your life about how different things in their relationship to different things work, but if you don’t put forth any action, you will not get any results, no matter how smart you will become in any specific field of knowledge.

For an example, you could know all the information about how muscles grow, what type of exercise to do for that specific muscle group. You could learn all about what foods you need to eat and all sort of “data” around muscle building.

But the truth of the reality – is that, if you don’t pick up that dumbbell and
workout, you won’t get any results no matter how much you know about THE PROCESS of muscle building

The same in online marketing. It’s not that knowledge is what is missing. But rather a specific knowledge practically used to create a specific outcome – the desired end result.

In making money online that result would be…

How To Build An Online Business (The Smart Way)

If I could go back in time and EDUCATE my stupid younger self. This is what I would say to him.

Listen, you unaware-too-emotional-focused-on-complete-BS-hard-working-failing-but-still-hopefull poor thing.

If you want to succeed in making money online, you need to do as follow:

1 .Choose one product to promote and sell. Choose a product that has high value and you personally resonate with. YOU MUST BELIEVE IN THE PRODUCT to have inspiring energy that will manifest in every email, blog post, video or whatever is your way of marketing it to other people.

This will help you to have a ton of energy to build your business, and also it will help you to inspire and connect with others.

2 . Next, you need to invest quality time to really KNOW the product and the value of that product. Not only that, also you need to know the company and all other “data” around that company, product, service to be KNOWLEDGEABLE about that product.

This will help you to appear in other eyes (potential customers, buyers) as an authority and professional in your field.


People will buy and continue to buy from those who they respect, know, like and trust. This happens on an unconscious level.

3. Next, you need to build some kinda strategy to attract and sell to other people your product.

As there are trillions of them, you need to pause and based on your awareness at that moment, either find one from others or just structure your own process based on what you’re currently doing.

The key here is to be specific and focus.

Focus one course until successfulc

You don’t need to do many things at once and generate little or no results from each. You need to zoom in and really optimize and master that one strategy (one way) to generate tons of results.

Dan Lok in this video explains beautifully

This will be the difference between doing and hoping and doing and predicting success.

4. Next, when you find a strategy that works and is generating your results, you need to systematize and automatize the whole process as much as you can to get the maximum result with minimum effort.

This will give you even more results – more success.

(Picture of success)

5. Finally, you can chill and enjoy the success or keep moving forward and create more success. It always depends on the goal.

It’s a completely different game to make $5.000 than to make $1.000 000.

Couple key points to successfully finish the process

1. Don’t rush the process.

Take time to find a good product you resonate with. There’re if not millions of them. If you just took your time to research and explore, you can find one you like the most. But if you just promote the first you get hands on, you probably will be investing a lot of your time and efforts on the wrong thing.

For example, it’s better to go out and meet many girls/guys to find one you like the most and build relationships and family around than to just get one you first met and liked and build relationships and family around a wrong person.

If you look mathematically, it’s much smarter to invest quality time to find something good when you’ll be spending a lot of time doing that thing.

Same applies to invest quality time to learn about that company and product, and it’s even suggestable to write down important things in notes.

Also, don’t rush building the process you need to build to reach your goal.

The key point to remember is DON’T RUSH DOING THINGS THAT ARE WORTHWHILE DOING. Rush doing or stop doing at all things that are a complete waste of time in regards of making money.

Do it once, do it well, and keep moving forward is a good formula to follow.

2. Don’t give up

Because online space is full of BS to find good stuff takes either luck or time and research to find out the actual reality of the situation.

The chances to succeed with the first thing you’re doing are very little. Not only because of that thing you are doing might be BS but also because of your knowledge about all the process and the mindset of doing that thing.

To make sure you actually succeed in the end, you need to start all that process with an AWARENESS that it might not even work out as expected, and you’ll need to change something or completely change your way of doing things until you’ll find YOUR WINNING FORMULA.

Until you find something that works for you.

3. Cleanse your mind, body, and life.

Cleanse your mind, body, and life from as much unnecessary and unimportant things as you can and focus on doing the necessary and important thing in order to generate money.

This guy in this video will explain ton to why and how.

Watching pointless videos on social media or Youtube, learning from 10 different gurus, doing something for just sake of doing something will not give you results.

You could be spending weeks if not months doing a lot of nothing and don’t get any results whatsoever. I know, I test that strategy 😀

Not more data is what we need to generate results we seek,
but specific data applied – oh, yes indeed.

FOCUS will help you to focus on important and necessary things, but it’s hard to focus if your enviroment and mind is in chaos.

Cleanse all the BS!

Set up an app or something that blocks you from using social media or various websites in your working time, turn off notifications etc. Basically, do whatever you need to do to make sure you do less BS and FOCUS. Objectively setting things up will work better than to use force-will and discipline.

If you’ll follow this formula (process) you’ll have more power and control in your business. One of the main reasons why so many people fail at making any money online is because they don’t build an actual business online.

They hope and pray that someone will take care of them and they can make money doing nothing, but this perception is false and unrealistic.

I gave you a much better formula to follow to succeed at making money online.

It’s not easy, it’s not 0 work ethic, but it will WORK if followed.

To your online success!

Sanny Fox

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To your online success!

How To Build An Online Business (The Smart Way) by

Sanny Fox

(the success guy)

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