The Secret To Effortless Living And Success

Alright, I’d like to share some really good information with you all. It will help you to succeed in going after your wants and do so with much, much less resistance, but also, this idea can be applied in your life.

The idea is this:


We all have experienced bad experiences in our lifetime. Those moments when life’s situations seemed difficult and really unpleasant. But, later on, if we look back and see, we can see that those situations were needed to happen so others things could happen and we could end up where we are now.

Not only we all have experienced events as such, but if we would take a moment and look back at our life, we could easily see how our past affected our lives in a way that SERVED in our present now and on it goes…

Now to the degree we let go and align with this flow of the Universe, we can surf this wave of Universe and life’s interconnection with others in a like getting in the zone way.

By being completely in the ”now” and in the present moment and flowing through the experiences of life. Of course, control is still needed and doing things such as: practicing, preparing, learning, planning etc., all this is needed. But the synchronicity the magic happens in the flow of the Universe.

I’m still a big advocate to think about one’s life in a way to constantly plan and prepare for it to kinda set life in the motion we would like to experience it.

But, on the other hand, we can’t get stuck about figuring out exactly as to HOW we’re gonna get where we want to be from where we are right now. But rather LET GO and align with the life and Universe about the “how.”

Still acting out, learning and doing things… all these things are needed, but the main point is that…

you do not do things on the resistance side by controlling everything about ”how” you’re going to get what you want to get or be where you want to be based on what you know and how you can think about the present situation.

But rather, you LET GO and align with life, Univers, and who knows maybe even something greater than yourself.

I’m not a fan of believing in something magical and other “voodoo stuff,” but, based on the way science now studies the nature of reality – this just makes sense.

Let go more and get more into your body, into your actions, into the flow of life. Of course, know your goal, know what you want; think, plan, prepare but do not get stuck in figuring out exactly as to HOW you’re going to get where you want to be based on your NOW reality.

In the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Waltz (encourage everyone to read it, it’s a great book). He talked about the idea of setting a clear goal to your built-in automatic success mechanism and then letting go of the HOW you could make that goal a reality by allowing that mechanism to figure out the HOW.

In that book, he talked about the idea that you just feed that build-in success mechanism with information, and it will like in a zig-zag format find the way to goal (target).

Now combine with the FACT that we have a built-in reticular activating system (ARS). Which basically means, from all the available “data” that we are surrounded in, it chooses to bring to our conscious awareness data that is most important for us.

We can arrive at the conclusion that just by thinking about something we want, we give a command to our brains to now work for us and find a way to our desire.

Now then by letting go, we can allow that machine work for us on the SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL.

By clearly setting a goal to your build-in success servo-mechanism – a new world can open before your eyes without you even realizing it.

You will start to see things, think about things, get ideas and so on… that will help you to achieve your goal (targeted outcome).

Now, letting go doesn’t mean you let go and do stupid stuff – things that give nothing but little pleasures in the moment. Letting go means you let go of the HOW and just move forward towards your goals and desires and just learn and do things until – until you succeed.

And when I say “let go of the how” I don’t mean just blindly do something.  I mean you kinda think what to do, plan, prepare and just do things. But

you do not worry too much about all the details or how you’re going to get there. 

And you ACCEPT and fully take in all the failures and other things that are just a part of the process, so you can go that path to become who you need to become to receive your desire.

I know this is a little bit like magic. The society would consider such things as goofy and impossible, but this is how things actually work beyond our conscious awareness.

Bible and all major religions all say basically the same.

Your dreams are possible. You can be, do, and have anything you want.

You just need to know what that is, and then you need to move forward towards that goal spending all the time in the accomplishment of that goal. Your machine (body), Univers, life and who knows what else… will help, assist, guide you along the way.

To your ultimate success!

Sany Fox

(the success guy)

Let me know in comments one key element you learned from this blog post?


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