How To Find Your Life Purpose

How To Live Life You Were Meant To Live

How To Find Your Life Purpose

We all have a path in life we need to pursue to become the best version of ourselves we have chosen to be in this life. And this path is not easy nor how you would like it to be.

This path is very challenging: full of difficult moments and lessons to be learned.

But this path is your path through which going through you will learn what you need to learn to become the best ”YOU” you can be.

How To Find Your Life Purpose

The society doesn’t know nor care about our path we need pursue. Other people and society at large care only about their wants and goals.

Of course, we need to play our part and acknowledge our environment and do our best to survive and thrive in it, but we are not obligated to serve society alone.

We shouldn’t be obligated.

Like no matter who owns the theme of that environment have no right to force others their way.

Of course, this is not at all the case in the world we live in.

But from a point of creation, no one should force their way. We all should be allowed to live our life we choose to do so and accept others to do the same based on each individual belief, values, and goals.

The problems we face today is because this individual freedom has been suppressed for a very long time until if you let it loose and allow people to do what they want – they will probably destruct themselves.

This natural, intuitive connection with life has been lost.

But even though this is true, you are free to go your path no matter where you find yourself to be. Even if you are in a prison, you’re still going your path and free to go it in your way.

This deeper inner freedom cannot be taken by any force or person. This is a state of mind and a choice.

How step on your path in life

It’s very simple.

You don’t need to force yourself nor do something special. You don’t need to read a single book, visit a guru, a monk, or anyone else for that matter.

You’re always ON your path…

What you need to do to step ON your path is to cleanse your mind and YOUR LIFE from all the BS, trust and believe in the process while doing the best you can every moment on the way.

This is your job.

Cleansing From BS

Living in these times, BS are all the activities we’re hooked to do from a point of getting little pleasure in the moment. These devil pleasures such as:

  • Playing video games
  • Partying
  • Using drugs
  • Smoking weed
  • Using social media
  • Browsing pointlessly through world wide web
  • Etc.

Basically, all addictions and things we do that WE KNOW we shouldn’t do or stop to do all together.

We always KNOW.

The list is not specific and defined by all.

I mean some people path could be to play video games and become the best at it and make tons of money doing so.
Fortnite player Ninja.

How To Find Your Life Purpose

Some people have no problem to smoke weed all day and still be very successful in life. Snoop Dog or Wiz Khalifa.

How To Find Your Life Purpose

Some people can even use drugs and made it in life.

Some people path can be to party, connect with like-minded people, and make music or something.

It’s not defined as a rule that some things are bad and no one should do or some things are better and all should do.

This is the problem that societies create. They take away individual freedom to live based on their own values and preferences, and so those individuals go against their natural, intuitive connectedness with themselves, life, and others around.

This is actually what newest scientific discoveries have found out and in past our ancestor knew all along.

But, of course, this information will never be released in public.

When I’m talking about BS, those are those devil habits you do mostly on unconscious level driven by pleasure and are just waste of your time.

You know what you should and shouldn’t do ALWAYS.

So to step on your path in life, you need to take power and control over your mind, body, and just generally over your life and…

doing all these activities you know you shouldn’t be doing. 

Trusting The Process and Believe In Yourself

This basically means LET GO and do your best as good as you can and just LIVE YOUR LFE.

For me, this was and still is the hardest part because I’m a perfectionist and control freak.

But what I have found out by going through tons of pain and BS – is that, I can’t know how things will happen, I can only then see how things happened.

How To Find Your Life Purpose

As you will go YOUR PATH, you will see that things are coming together nicely if you LET GO, believe in yourself, and trust the process.

Of course it doesn’t mean you let go and just do anything. It doesn’t mean you just hope, dream, and wish. It doesn’t mean you just randomly – without any control and power over your self and your life – do things.

F no!

The exact opposite.

You work your ass of every moment on the way and take full conscious power over yourself and your life, but you let go of exactly how you’re going to get there. And don’t get too much stuck in details – just go with the flow.

You think, plan, develop good habits and discipline yourself. You do all these things to be as grounded and realistic in your life as possible.

But when it comes to figuring everything out or control the uncontrollable – you let go of that and connect with your intentions, life and what you know you need to do.

Even me writing this blog post. I didn’t know how exactly I’ll write it. I get an inspired thought and realization and just started to write.

And who knows, maybe this blog post can go viral or maybe someone will read it and decide to contact me and we can do something great.

This is what I mean by controlling the uncontrollable and connecting with life.

And doing the best you can every moment on the way I already explained.

You need to find a balance between taking complete power and control over yourself and your life and letting go completely.

But this is how you can go YOUR PATH in a correct way to experience less BS along the way.

BS are not lessons or challenges you need to overcome to become stronger and wiser. BS is just BS.

Stay strength on your path.

To your continuous success!

Sanny Fox

(the success guy)

On the mission to inspire, motivate, educate and EMPOWER millions of people to lia better lifer life


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