Secret Missing Peace Nobody Talks About That Can Give You Ultimate Power Over Your Self And Your Life

Ok so, from where to begin.

First off, this is a learned lesson. As I move towards my own ultimate success in life, every day I learn and do things and realizations comes as the result of that.

In this blog post, I’m going to share you a very, very, very powerful understanding I realize that can help you to live your life by your own design.

After learning this key to living your life by design, you will be able to truly be the master over your own life.

I know it sounds too good to be true or whatever, but trust me – it actually is.

How To Get Max Power And Control Over Your Life.

First, before I’ll give you the secret, I think it would be really beneficial for you to know how I come up to this conclusion and the science behind it.

However, if you just want the secret, click here.

The Path To Discovery

You see, I’ve watched countless documentaries, read countless articles and blog posts, watched countless videos and so on… all around human biology and how it works

This is one of the passions of mine. For me, it’s not boring; it’s exciting.

And so, what I come to realize is that we are very, very, very strongly affected by our body and its programming.

For example:

Imagine that you’re really, really depressed (like really depressed), but last week you bought a lottery ticket. And now you are watching TV and the guy who hosts the show raffles your ticket for winning freaking 1 million dollars

Now if you are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet it would mean nothing for you.

It has been said that if Bill Gates saw $100 on the ground, it’d be a waste of his time to pick that up.

But for the average person, this would be a life-changing experience.

And no matter how depressed you’d be in that moment, you’ll be able to shift your whole biology, and therefore your state to a more positive and excited for the upcoming future. Just imagine all the things you could be able to do with that money…

The outside stimulus of winning a lottery ticket would totally change not only how you feel and think but even who you are in that moment.


Or let’s say that a guy who hasn’t had sex in a long time now is doing something he really likes and no one could distract him for doing that thing. 

But then suddenly a hot, absolutely naked female comes into a room and says that she want to have sex with him.

Now, I don’t care what that guy was doing at that moment, he would change all of that and be ready to mingle. The most basic biological need for reproduction would be present at that moment and that guy would not have any control over himself in that situation. 

Now, if after he would have sex, and so he would release all his semen, if another hot girl would come into the room and would say the same thing. Now, as he released all his semen, he wouldn’t have a desire for sex anymore and would prefer to do that other thing he was so in engrossed doing.

So you see, like it or not, we are very, very, very strongly affected by our biology and its programming.
And based on that, it will affect how we think, feel and choices and decisions we make that would result in the experiences we will experience.  

It’s more logic and science that you’d like to be.

Now, but even tho we are so strongly affected by our biological programming, there is a way out of it. There is a hack that you can use to be the one who is beyond all of that.

How to take complete power and control over your life and live your life utterly by your choice

The secret is simple. It’s so simple that you even won’t believe. And you can start to use it today and starting from now will have more control and power over yourself and your life.

So what is the secret?


The secret is to be aware of yourself and your environment and play this game of life in a way to get your outcome you want.

This is the secret.

Being aware of how you spend your time. Being aware of what information you get in your brains. Being aware of who you’re and how is your life actually going. Basically being aware of how you spend your time and live your life.

This will be the difference between living life randomly and by default and living life consciously, precisely and by desgn.

When you are AWARE of life’s game field and play it (live it) accordingly based on the objective order of things (how things are and work), you have the POWER to direct yourslife in the direction you want.

How To Increase Awarness Level

There are many ways and many things you could do. I’m going to share here the process what I’m doing myself.

Simple set 15 min or so to the process of saying to yourself “I’m aware” and observe your environment, observe your thought and so on.

Then (for about 5 min) think how positively it’d effect your life if you’d be more aware.

This is the part when you can think all those times you said stupid nonsens or all the times you did stupid nonsense. Think how better you would react and act if you’d be more aware in those moment.

And that is it.

Do this process for couple days and you should start to see the difference in your thinking and the way you live your life.

To your ultimate success!

Sanny Fox

(the success guy)

On the mission to inspire, motivate, educate and EMPOWER millions of people to live a better life.

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