How to Be a More Self Disciplined Person

Do you have difficulties to do the things you know you need to do and stop doing the things you know you need to stop doing? Then keep reading…

Because in this blog posts, you are going to learn not only why this happens but also I’m going to give you the formula to follow that can help you to finally do or stop to do the things you know you need to do.

Also, I’m going to give you action steps you can start to use today, that I’m using myself, to be a highly self-disciplined person.

Now, before you jump into actual action steps, I strongly suggest you invest in yourself and read the whole blog post, as it is specifically designed to create a certain feeling in you to actually follow through and successfully do all the action steps, so you can enjoy the results a self disciplined person has.

What is discipline?

So what is discipline?
According to Wikipedia:

Self disciplined person

So that means, discipline is this ability to take control over yourself and be your own boss about how you act and live your life.

Pretty good skill to develop if you ask me.

Because with discipline – this ability to discipline yourself – you can get things done.

Later on, I’ll explain a little bit deeper the power discipline has and the power you will gain over yourself and your life if you become a more self-disciplined person.

But yeah, discipline is this person’s characteristics to be able to do things what one knows he/she need to do and stop doing things what one knows he/she needs to stop doing. There is nothing more to add to this.

I see discipline as a tool – as a weapon to success. But about that later.

Why do you need to cultivate discipline?

1. You’ll gain POWER over your life.

Imagine if you could be able to do the stuff you know you need to do… Imagine the power you would possess if you could be a person who does what he/she set its mind to do… Imagine if any of your goals could be just a decision away…

Imagine how your life could look like then…

No really, take a moment and imagine… Close your eyes and imagine the person who actually follows through the things he/she needs to do. Imagine YOU but who is a more self-disciplined person.

The truth is that if you can imagine, it’s possible. Because if you couldn’t be able to imagine, then it wouldn’t be possible.

It’s possible to be that you who is discipline do wtf you know you need to do and stop doing wtf you know you need to stop doing.

2. You will gain more freedom in your life.

Quote about discipline

Discipline is freedom. I know when you think about discipline this is the last thing that comes in your mind.

Discipline = sacrifices and pain. And I agree. In the beginning, you will need to give up doing things that are not important but makes you feel good in the moment. And it’s painful to grow into the person you always wanted to be. The old you must die, and it will not give up that easily.

If you have time I suggest to watch this video from a multi-millionaire Alex Becker. It helped me to realize some fundamental things and set up me for my future success. And if you are ready the information in that video can help you as well.

The process is not easy and comfortable – it requires change. It requires changing one’s thinking patterns, habits, and overall way of living. But it’s worth it.

By the other side of discipline is the freedom from all the negative addictions, lack of results, and unfulfilled dreams. By the other side of discipline is real you: powerful, confident, happy YOU that you are.

You see, life is as it IS. Our thinking or the way we feel about it will not change objective reality. Meaning, just by thinking and wanting, we can’t lose the weight we want to lose or gain muscles mass, or make money we want to make. We can’t imagine and think things into existence.

Life gets better by change.

We have to do stuff, and we have to do those things long enough and consistently until. Until what we want is ours. Until you LIVE your desires.

And now with this tool, with this personal attribute DISCIPLINE. We can take power and control over our life and make it in the way we want it to be.

That’s the way you have to develop self-discipline and become a more self-disciplined person.

It’s not a must. I mean, life is not about reaching from point A to point B. But if you want to reach point B from point A, you have to have self-discipline.

To succeed, it’s equally important to stop doing certain things as to do certain things. Because if you don’t stop doing certain things, that are just waste of time anyway and are rubbing your success, you won’t have time to do the things that are part of your success and just needs to be done to get the results you want.


If you want to lose weight, you will need to change your diet and exercise more and do it regularly. If you want to gain muscle mass, you will need to work out specific muscle groups you want to grow in size and do it regularly. If you want to make money, you will need to do the things that bring money.

There is no other way.

How to Be a More Self-Disciplined Person?

Ok, now as you know what is and why you need self-discipline, we can move further and actually do what is needed to become a more self-disciplined person.

It’s awesome to know, but we need apply what we know to really know and live what we know.

Now there are 3 levels when it comes to self-discipline.

1. No discipline
2. Discipline
3. Integration

The first level is when you don’t even know there is such a thing as self-discipline. This is when you live by default, act based on emotions, and life just happens to you.

Second the level is when you know there is such a thing as self-discipline and you discipline yourself to do stuff and to stop to doing stuff. This is when you start to take power and control over your life.

Third the level is when you just integrate what you need to do or don’t, and you just do it or don’t do it. This is when you almost predict and create your future.

self disciplined person

All three levels have their benefits and can be used at different times. What is important is not to look at one as superior to the other, as they are just different ways how to operate in life and will create different results.

But it’s really hard to jump from level 1 to level 3. And I know most people don’t even want to be at level 3, they just want to have some control over their mind and life. But I will explain why level 3 actually is better than level 2.

Why it’s better to operate from level 3

What the newest scientific research concludes is that there is something in our body that is used when we do stuff or make decisions, and that something is our WILLPOWER. **.

When you are thinking what to do or resisting to do, you are actually – at that moment – depleting your willpower levels which are LIMITED. 

And so by thinking what and how to do things, you are using a lot of willpower that could be invested into ACTION POWER.

By not preparing and deciding in advance, in one way, you are wasting your precious willpower.

And so, you actually need to have more discipline to do or don’t do stuff.

That’s why operating from level 3 is better than level 2. Living in level 1 can be fun and pleasureful, at least from a short-term pleasure standpoint, but you will not get things done.

How To Be a More Self-Disciplined Person?

Self-discipline and willpower links together beautifully. Because when you don’t have that much willpower, it’s hard to discipline yourself. For example, when you are sick, you don’t want to do anything, right?

The reason why this is so is that as our body fights diseases, it uses willpower to fight back. And so our willpower levels are very low, and so we don’t want to do anything. When you are in that state, discipline will not help.

1.So, the first step is to make sure you have enough sleep and overall make sure your body works great. **

Try to skip sleep for a night or sleep only for 2-3 hours. You will be driven to eat sugary foods and do nothing, as your body will look for fast energy sources and sleep.

So the first step is to maintain optimal health and take care of your sleep.
Applying this in long-term will help you with self-discipline without any extra effort from your part. You will experience the effect of great optimal health and a good night sleep in a form of… damn, I want to do stuff. Let’s go!

Of course, you can overpower your biology with some kinda drug or feelings of passion and excitement but not in a long run. It’s just a smart way to LIVE as such. .

 2. The second thing is to put things out of your head and in objective reality, so you can see, read and touch. Your goals should be written on paper (or at least on your phone).

Trying to keep everything in your head will not end well. It leads to overwhelming and frustrating.

By putting things out of your head, you will now have something specific to focus upon and spend your precious time and efforts doing.

No more wondering why I don’t have the discipline to do stuff when you actually don’t know what to do in first place.

This action of ”putting things out of your head” such as goals, things to do, ideas, plans, things to buy, etc., will give order and structure in your life and will free up your mind dramatically.

It will give you focus, clarity, peace of mind, direction, and you will be able to use all your willpower all your time, energy and what not into accomplishing that what you want. This is powerful.

Get all the unnecessary stuff out of your head!

3.And the last thing that will fuel your desire to do stuff is the correct alignment with that what you want to do.

You see, I really like playing video games. And in the past, I used to play them a lot. I remember back in days when I needed to wake up at 7 AM in the morning, it was really hard to do. No matter how early I went sleep, waking up in the morning was a pain in the ass.

But when I need to wake up early to play a video game I love, the moment I was aware that I’m awake, I flew out of bed like a rocket and went straight to PC. You know I was ready to do stuff: sitting in the chair in one posture and clicking the mouse for hours. :d

On that day I learned:
If I do something I feel inspired and excited to do, I don’t need to get motivation from somewhere else. My desire for what is coming will fuel me. If  way you are just taking power and control over your biology and give signals of excitement that will change your state.  

When you will find a way to align with what you need to do — on an emotional level — you won’t need that much discipline to do stuff. You’re why, your desire, your excitement will fuel you and push you.


Discipline is the ability to make yourself to do what you know you need to do or don’t. With self-discipline, you can get things done. There are levels to self-discipline. Level 3, in balance, is the way to go.

Tree ways to be a more self-disciplined person:

  1. Take care of your health for overall inside body optimization: focus, clarity, willpower, learning ability, memory, energy, state of mind etc.
  2. Get your goals and all the important but not necessary stuff out of your head for clarity, direction, and focus.
  3. Align on an emotional level with that what you need to do. In other words, hack your biology by taking control over the way you think and feel and give needed singles to change your state of being to do stuff.

So there you have it: my little guide on how to be a more self-disciplined person. When you become a more self-disciplined person, you will be able to do the things YOU KNOW you need to do and stop doing things YOU  KNOW you need to stop doing. 

There is science and logic to the process of our ability to be able to control ourselves and be disciplined. This guide was written to help you not only understand the importance but also gives you actionable steps you can START to do today to be a more self disciplined personal. 

I could go deeper and more explicit, but I don’t want this blog post to become a book.

To your ultimate success!

Sany Fox

(the success guy)

On the mission to inspire, motivate, educate and EMPOWER millions of people to live a better lives.

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