The Formula For Success

Oh, boy! I’m feeling excited out of my brains by writing this blog post!!!

The formula you’re going to learn here, if applied, can/will guarantee your success.

It’s simple and easy to do it, and it’s easy not to. Although there is some serious work involved to operate in your life a such and get the results you want.

The formula I’m going to share here consists of just 4 basic steps:

  1. Know what you want
  2. Make some kinda plan how yo’re going to get there
  3. Do wtf is needed
  4. Keep going until you succeed

I know, this sounds too simple or whatever. But in this blog post, I’m going to explain the whole process how actually pull this formula off. Also, I’ll explain why this formula is the formula for success and the optimal way to use it in your life to succeed IN WHATEVER you want to succeed at. Whatever your intentions are.

I just hope they are good.

Road Map to Success

Now, the reason why this process works so well is because it’s based on science and reality.

You see, I’ve watched countless documentaries about the newest science and stuff, and what all top scientist 100% agree is that WE LIVE IN MATHEMATICAL UNIVERSE.

If interested, you can watch documentary here.

What it has to do with your success?


You see, you need to look at life and your goals from a LOGICAL standpoint and BUILD your life, build your body, build your income, build your way to success.

You need to know the science in your field based on the way things ACTUALLY are and work and do things accordingly to attain wanted result – your goal.

Life is neutral. Life, objectively speaking, just is and works based on logic and math.

So, if you want to succeed, you just need to do CERTAIN things for a CERTAIN period of time UNTIL you reach your desired outcome.

And if you do so, you can PREDICT your success as you can predict the laws of physics.

The Process Of reaching a Goal With 100% Success Ratio

1.Know what you want/need clearly and specifically.

The first step is to have a specific goal in mind—your targeted outcome.

We all have read and we know that focus is important to succeed at reaching a goal, right?

But how you can focus if you don’t have anything to focus upon?

Most people waste years doing nothing (like literally nothing). They have, like we all do, the potential to do amazing things, but, as they don’t have any goals to strive for, most people spend their entire life randomly doing a lot of nothing.

Now, I’m not saying that life is about attaining specific goals in mind (for me it sure as fu*k is) but if you want something—you need to first know what that is.

You need to know exactly what you want from your life. What are your goals. What you want to BE, DO, and HAVE.

What do you want?

So the first step is to TAKE QUALITY TIME to really think, ponder, and write down what you want. What are your targeted outcomes? What are you aiming at?

2. You need to make some kinda action plan as to how you’re going to attain your targeted outcome.

Now, there is science and million reasons as to why you should make a plan—a plan of attack. Even if you don’t think you need one, or you don’t want to make one.

I will give you just a couple of reasons why this is so important in order for you to SUCCEED.

  1. It helps with clarity and specificity of what you need to do to reach your goal.

Imagine you have a friend, and he wants you to do something. But he really doesn’t tell you what or how to do it. He have this idea in his mind (vaguely), but he doesn’t clearly tell you what and how to do it.

Now the question is, what are your chances of actually doing what your friend wants you to do?

Close to zero, right?

Now, this is what happens when you don’t have any plan as to how you’re going to achieve your goal. You want something, but you don’t know what to do or how you are going to get there, and then you are unhappy that things in your life are not changing and your wants just seem out of your reach.

But in reality, you haven’t actually decide clearly what you want from your life, and you’ve no idea how to get there.

Do you see the problem here?

2. It will give proper instruction to your brains so that they can START to work—on your behalf—to help you attain your goal.

This actually can go deep. I mean, there is science about our brain’s unique ability to FILTER all information around us to get on our awareness information our brains think will be the most important for us the
ARS (reticular activating system).

Also, there’s science and written books such us Psycho-Cybernetics about the mechanics of our internal system that will always, if asked to, like in zigzag format will find its way to a goal.

So you see, there’s a lot of stuff that will happen if you just freaking DECIDE what you want and start to move forward towards that outcome.

And by making a plan—now you’v consciously given yourself and your brain instructions as what to do and how to live your life from this point forward.

3. It’ll help you to gain POWER and CONTRL over yourself and your life.

The third reason is that when you’ll make a plan, you’ll now know what and how to do it. At least vaguely, not realistically. I mean, life will hit you in the face—hard.

The beauty of having written down goals and the things you know you need to do is that, it will help you to keep yourself in check and there will be no excuses, no BS, no one to blame but just to take full responsibility about yourself and your life and do your best to do what you need to do.

Give your best in everything you do

This will give you POWER over yourself and your life.

There are more benefits of making a plan of attack, but I don’t want to make this post too long for this one topic alone. **

Alright, let’s move to the 3rd step.

3. Do what’s necessary to successfully reach your goal

This is where things start to get serious. This is what most people would prefer to pass, but this is also the most important thing.

Because even if you don’t know your goals clearly and specifically, and even if you don’t have your plan of attack. If you do stuff on a continuous basis, eventually, you will figure out and find your way to success.

Not only because you have built-in success servo-mechanism,

(More info about all this process how it works you can read in this free pdf book Psycho-Cybernetics.)

but also because ACTIONS create results. Results is what you want and need. Knowledge can help to play this game of life smarter and create more result with less effort, but knowledge by itself doesn’t produce results.

For example:

It doesn’t matter how much I know about how to build bigger muscle size. I mean, I could learn till the end of my time about all the muscle groups, all the science how muscles actually grow within my body, all the different exercises, all about food etc.

But if I don’t pick up that freaking dumbbell and work out—I’ll not produce any results no matter how educated I’m in that subject.

On the other hand, even if I know nothing about all this muscle building stuff, but I do at least something. I will get way more results and progress in my quest to build bigger muscle mass.

Knowledge is awesome, but it must be combined with ACTION.


Anthony Robbins quote about taking actionc (1)

So that’s why doing what is necessary is the most important thing. All the previous steps are just preparation for success to succeed with less effort and just overall less BS to reach wanted targeted outcome faster and easier.

Now, but to do certain things, we need to also STOP doing certain things. Because we all have limited time a day and we are living this life from moment to moment bases. You can’t at the same time workout to build muscles and play video games or do other BS.

You got to choose.

And so, to manage to do certain things and to stop doing certain things, you need to exercise your DISCIPLINE.

You need to discipline yourself to spend your time in the way you would consciously choose.

Not to do stuff because you feel like it (because your brains are addicted to certain stimulus for dopamine doses and you just do them to feel good at the moment).


Break out from the dopamine cage.

Doing things to feel good in the moment will not produce results. And, as you have learned so far, you need to do certain things for certain period of time to reach your goals.

But if you are bound to do stuff to feel good to the point you can’t almost control yourself – to the point when your body is your master and not the other way around.

You can’t do the thing that just needs to be done to move closer to your dreams and goals and be truly happy from within about yourself and the way you live your life.

If that what you want is really what you want, and you are willing to do wtf it takes to get it. If you are willing to sacrifice other not so important things in order to one day LIVE your desires.

Discipline can do the job.

I have written a whole blog post about discipline. If interested to learn how to be a more self-disciplined person click here.

Also, you will need to have an eagle-eye focus. I mean, discipline combined with focus is POWER.

The more things are on point and the more energy you put in into doing something, the faster you will get there.

Simple physics.

You can succeed pretty fast at reaching your goals. But not by breaking laws of physics.

All this BS about making money online doing nothing, no experience, no money invested ect., is BS.

Yes, you can make money doing nothing. But only once you build, have or get access to something that is generating money and is linked in the end to your bank account.

Not because greedy marketing ads said so. Ads that are targeted to attract the majority of people into their funnels and take control over their mind by deluding their perception— in that moment— to generate sales. This is childish behavior and BS.

Losing weight same BS. If you could just get your body healthy by stopping eating too much sugary foods and carbs and heal your leptin and insulin system, your body will naturally regulate leptin and insulin hormones to have a balance, and you won’t have a need to eat more than you need.

No need to do any other BS than to progressively and in time lose the excessive weight while at the same time not gaining extra weight because of healthy hormonal balance.

Anything else is just BS.

As this is not my field, I won’t go any deeper to why this is so. If you want, you can research this more yourself.

Let’s continue on.

4. Keep going until successful end.

Based on the physics and laws of the Universe, there is no other way to reach your goals than to do the process until.

As long as you are progressing. As long as you are learning and perfecting your craft. As long as you are doing things that are moving closer to your goal.


And that is the most important thing.

There are no laws or rules as to how fast you can reach your goal(s).

You can succeed way faster than you can even imagine:

if you know clearly and exactly what is your targeted outcome, build some kinda process for clarity and instructions to move forward, and then you actually move forward and do stuff, and you do stuff until the successful end.

This is the formula for success that, if applied, can/will guaranteed your success in whatever intention you have.

To your ultimate success!

Sany Fox

(the success guy)

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