Simple Truth That Can Cleanse One’s Mind From Any BS and Move in Right Direction In Life (motivational)

Life is not always fair, but we got to make the best out of it no matter what.

You see, some people are more concerned about trivial things that pass as time and leaves nothing but pointless drama than to work on to accomplish their goals. To focus upon and CREATE the life they would enjoy living or at least feel good and at ease living.

I know… it might sound a bit narcissistic just to care about your own well-being and your own life, but it’s not bad to take care of yourself if you do not harm others in the process.

Actually, it’s needed, and people will benefit and can learn from a person that is capable to take care of himself/herself and moves progressively and actively towards one’s desires in life. We all would benefit from the presence of a person like that.

We don’t need to live in unnecessary drama and pain of life if we can live in the world of  – moving towards and actively building our life, our experience in this lifetime in the way we would like to experience it. To fulfill all our hearts desires and live in freedom and joy; to create, to grow, to be, do, and have more.

But we can’t do both: We can’t live in the world of unnecessary dramas and at the same time live in the world of going towards and actively building the life we want to live.

We can’t do both.

Okay maybe to a certain extent we can do both, but we could not be able to reach the level of life we could be able to live if we split our focus in two different directions.

The fromula for success

So we got to choose: between living in the world of drama and BS and living in the world where we actively build the life we want to live in.

And that basically means by learning and doing things that need to be learned and needs to be done to get the results in life we would like to get.


Both paths are available to us, both paths are valid and have their own value in them and are just different experiences, but which path we CHOOSE will determine the experience we will have.

The experience of noise and drama or the experience of living one’s dream life.

I don’t know how you, but I rather choose to live the experience of living my desires.

Not dreaming, not wishing, not hoping.

Heck no!

But to know what it’s that I want and do wtf it takes to get it.

Invest all my waking hours, all my time, energy, and my potential to build (create) this dream into my reality.

Many people wish to dream and want things to be different, but only a few are actually willing to do what is necessary to make their dreams and wants real. 

And to do so is actually a very simple process to follow:

  1. Know what that is you want. 
  2. Make some kinda action plan towards achieving that goal. It’ll change as time will go. You will perfect and craft your winning formula, but you got to START to get that ball rolling.
  3. Execute. Do stuff. Move forward. Push yourself and do stuff. Take power and control over your mind, body, and life and do stuff. 
  4. Keep going until the successful end. 

I know this is some really wage way of looking at things, but from an overall perspective, this is what you need to do to succeed. This is a success formula.

Integrate all the details based on your goal, your situation, your personality etc., and make your own path – your own winning formula.

Discipline yourself to set up your own starting process to execute upon. This is the start. This decision can result in living a completely different life 1 week, 1 month, 1 year from now…

You have the ability and POWER to do so. You have THE POWER to change your life!!!


And you can do it today, and you can do it now! Of course, after you finish reading this blog post and some of my other stuff, that is 😀

But then after all that… you have the power and the ability to change your life TODAY.

It will require continuous effort and perseverance, but it will be worth it in the end.

It’s important to know:

It will not be the same experience all the journey. The hardest will be the start. Then, after a while, if you keep pushing yourself to do the right things…

throughout the experiences, you will change and become a different person. A person who is disciplined and loves actually the process of doing what it is you need to do to get what you want.

The beginning is the hardest.

I’m saying this from my own experience. I know how it’s to want things to change but live in same old life day after day. I know how difficult it’s to break through that prison of comfortable living. 

I’ve been there. I know. But I also know how to get out and what happens when you are out. Man, it’s a different life. 

You have so much freedom and time to do what you want. And you love the person you become and the way your life is going. This is what will give you real pleasure.

Not those short-term pleasure that is just addictions at the moment. Those devil pleasures that feel good but by doing them your life only becomes worse.

But real pleasure from doing the needed – not so fun stuff – that builds you and your life.

NO more excuses!!!

Do you really want to get what you want/need?

What are you willing to do to get it?

Show your dream how bad do you really want it!

To your ultimate success!

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Sanny Fox

(the success guy)

On the mission to motivate, inspire, educate, and EMPOWER millions of people to live a better life.


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