W. Clement Stone – The Success System That Never Fails

Here’s the full length of the video where W. Clement Stone himself talked about the idea he used to succeed in his life. And as we all know, he was a guy who reached a tremendous level of success. Not so, because he was W. Clement Stone and in some kinda way more special than rest of us, but because he just did certain things in a certain way.

He learned through his life, and then applied in his life, good information about how to live and do things, and that information helped him to create the success he had. There can be no other way.

As I’ve watched 1 time his recording myself, I’ll give you my overview and thoughts about the things he talked in that video.

Let’s take a moment and thank Youtube and our little device for giving us the ability to learn from the most successful people throughout the human history with an a click of mouse (or touch of a finger). Unbelievable how blessed and fortunate we are!

Keep in mind: this guy made millions and millions of dollars; he reached tremendous levels of success. Learn from the pro to FASTER become pro yourself.

Enjoy the video!

Did you liked the video?

If I could sum up the content of the video, it was like this:

1. His biography.

2. His secret formula for success.

3. And some good advice here and there.

Let’s not focus on trivial things and let’s get straight to the meat of the video, so we can get out the most from the video, deepen the concepts we could learn from this guy, and so we can apply the knowledge we get from this ultra-successful guy in our lives to make our lives better. That’s all that’s important, anyway.

The Success System That Never Fails by W. Clement Stone

  1. Inspiration to action
  2. Know how
  3. Activity knowledge

He mentioned in the video that success can be reduced to a formula and so as failure. Which totally resonate with my mindset, as I see the whole Universe nothing but the certain equations that create certain results.

Let’s get a little bit closer to W. Clement Stone’s parts of the success system that never fails.

#1 Inspiration to action

The main philosophy I felt from that guy was the ease of the success he created. He was a positive and cheerful guy. You can’t be positive and cheerful if you are worried and stressed about things.

Now, his approach about taking action, in the first place, was so his actions came from INSPIRATION. That means, first, before taking any action, align with your soul on what it is that you want and would like to do from you internal point of experience.

For some people working out could be pain and hard work, for some people pleasure, to the point that they can’t wait to go back to gym and work out.

But this desire to do those actions comes not from the activities themselves, per se, but by the way you – the one who experiences those activities – and your mindset. You change your mindset about doing things if you change how you look at things.

Meaning, if a person does not really like exercising and stuff, there are certain beliefs and certain thought that are running within his mind that now creates this resistance to exercise.

The Success System That Never Fails

Now, he can start to think about the end result – his desired goal he could get if he exercised – and he will naturally start start to get excited and this desire to do stuff will rise within him. Or he can watch Rocky and get so freaking motivated, he can’t help but to do something.

We can change our mind, we can change the way we feel in the moment and as we do so, we can change the way look at things and the meaning we give to things.

This all happens in person internal experience – by the way one experiencing things. So this is our job to make sure we are INSPIRED to do what we know we need to do.

#2 Know how

This is basically learning the game. Learning how things work. In different areas, it’s different. Like every game is in one way similar but in one way completely different.

Every game requires a different approach to it. So we go to learn the game of our field to know how stuff works. This is the learning phase KNOW HOW. Know how things work.

#3 Activity knowledge

Now this one helped me personally tremendously. This recording changed my mindset and life for good. Thanks, W. Clement Stone for sharing the knowledge you accumulated through your successful career.

This is the part of  improving your process of doing things, so that you can get out more from less.

In the recording, he mentioned things like, I quote, ”There must be a method of 1 hour to produce the work of many.” and

”Why not find a system that sells twice as much in half of the time?”

Can you get the mindset he operated from?

This guy really made me think…

Does really working hard = more money? Or doing certain things in a certain way to produce needed result? What is the main ingredient for result creation? The effort one puts in or the process he/she do to get the result?

Of course the process is more important. So, for maximum result, it’s smarter to optimize first the process and then improve the effort and speed to gain max productivity for every second spent.

Alright to sum up.

The formula for success that never fails according to the W. Clement Stones is this:

Get inspired to do what you want to do, know the game of your field, and try to make the process easier and faster to increase the results you can get. The effort is still needed, but the effort is spent to produce more results not to just do something.

Thank you for reading. I hope you get some great ideas you now can implement in whatever you do in your life.

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To your ultimate success!

W. Clement Stones – The Success System That Never Fails by

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