How to Unlock Your Unique abilities To WIN in the Game of Life

What are your unique abilities?

Main are writing, learning, and teaching. Love to do all of those. Comes easy and naturally. 

What are yours?

What are you good at?

What do you love to do?

What really interests you?

What consumes your mind, your life?

Or what annoys you that other people and the world are not doing what you see in the world YOU could help and make it better by giving your VALUE in the world and in other people lives?

I had a friend who was annoyed in a negative way about other people acting and living stupid, and so all the time he said this and that acts stupid.

But the truth is people and the world IS as it is; he just was smart. He thoughts about the world in a very logical manner. He was a guy who can go to 2,3 math lessons and then get a better grade than those who went to all math lessons.

His unique ability, at least one of them, was being smart: thinking about the world in a logical manner a.k.a smart.

And he could instead of seeing that the world is stupid and get frequently annoyed by it, see that he is smart and the world needs his perception of things and teach other people how to do things better – in a smarter way – and so give his value in this way, and so help the world and other people and in return get value back in form of money and live good, fulfilled, meaningful life.

Instead, he turned his unique ability into his curse.

So what annoys you?

What you think the world needs that you see it is missing?

What can you give?

Unlock Your Unique abilities To WIN in the Game of Life

When I lived in England and worked in those robot factories (not a robot because we were making robots, but because you work there like a robot :D) and I live in a house together with different people from different countries. One guy unique ability was cooking. Damn, this guy could cook.

I remember I was asking that guy to teach me how to cook so delicious foods.

And so he did.

And so in his guidance, I put exact ingredients in an exact way, but, in the end, my food tasted very bad and his unbelievably good.

In his guidance, I did exactly what he did and put in the exact ingredients as he did, but still, the end result was completely different.

Cooking was his unique ability with whom he could make the world a better place in the field of cooking. He could make delicious foods for others, open his own restaurant, write books about cooking, or what not to give the value of making delicious food in the industry of cooking.

But of course he was not aware that cooking was his unique ability, for him, cooking delicious foods was normal, and so he did not went that path to excel in that field and make tons of money doing so.

What is your unique ability that for you seems normal but others can’t do?

What is your unique talent(s)?

What you are good at? 

What do you like to do when no one is watching? 

And what I mean by that is not the addictive, short-term pleasures you do and your life is not getting better. 

But the things that are of interest of you, things you are driven to explore and become better at.

Really take some time and think about it…

thinking about

I will finish this post with a great advice from Gary Vaynerchuck. Many of you probably know him; he’s very big on the internet.

Now, this guy is a guy who is OUT THERE. He travels the world constantly, he meets people all the time, he engages with the community all the time. Now, this guy has some wide overall perception of things.

And so this guy is saying that we should

Now what he means by that?

Exactly what I’m talking about here.

Know who you are, what you’re good at, what interest you, what consumes your life, what you love to do and focus on building on that and leverage the other parts of the process to succeed in your field.

Now here we need to be careful because some people can say, ”o… I like to eat cakes and play video games.”

Well, no you don’t like that. Well, you do… but this is not what fulfills your heart and soul. This is your way to escape from the bad side of your life. This is what you do when you want to get instant dopamine dose or feel bad and want to feel good. 

When I’m talking about what you really like to do, it needs to come from a point of positive connectedness with life and others and your inner joy and excitement.  Not from a point of short-term dopamine doses that are actually harming your health, well-being and are just a waste of time.

Really take time to look inside yourself and discover who you are, not that much who you want to be. 

Then find strenght and value in those qualities and what you can offer to the world. 

And finally,  leverage other parts of the process that, objectively speaking, just needs to be done to win in the game of life. 

To your ultimate success!

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Unlock Your Unique abilities To WIN in the Game of Life by

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