Winning At Life: 6 Fundamental Winner Traits All Winner’s Of Life Have

If You Want To Be A Winner At Life – You Need To Think As Winners Think

We all have limited time and a limited amount of energy every day.

What we will do with that time and energy will determine what results we will get in life. In other words, the way you play this game of life will determine the results you will get.

Life itself is neutral and as a free-will consciousness, we can do with it as we please. Our own internal experience is our own experience. The meaning we will give to our experiences will determine the outcome we will experience.

But from an objective standpoint, life just is.Therefore, there is no point to lose in life. There is no point to not live your life by your wildest dreams.

There is no point not to WIN.

But you see, those who win and those who lose in life operate from a different mindset; therefore, they experience life differently.

In this blog posts, I will show you the difference between a winner’s and loser’s mindset.

It is well-known fact that mindset is 99% of success. If you will get your mind right, success will happen by default.

The Mindset of A Winner And Loser

To know the truth of winner’s mindset all we need to do is to see OBJECTIVELY how winners of life live their life.

1. Winners are willing to pay the price for success

In most cases, winners are people who take risks and push themselves to break out from their comfort zone to step out to in life and do something that is unsafe and unpredictable and deal with all of that as best they can.

Or very often they just don’t give a f@#*.

Those who lose in life are too afraid and too cautious about their self-image and opinions of others. They care too much and are not willing to break out from their comfort zone.

In life, you need to do the opposite to win.

Not to do what most do but do what YOU KNOW you need to do.

You need to be willing to step out from your comfort zone and be willing to be disliked and not accepted by many people.

Don’t worry, your people will love you.

2 . Winners focus on winning

Winners care more about going after what they want than how other people live their life. It’s about internal focus, not idea to once in a while to do.

They focus and do what they need to do to succeed and win in their field. Not perfectly, not all the time but most of the time.

3. Winners have a positive outlook on life.

You see, when you are moving towards something you really want and you are progressing in that process, you actually can’t be unhappy. Biologically it’s impossible.

Yes, there are many, many unhappy moments but most people who go after what they want are happier and therefore more positive about life. They feel good about themselves and about how their life is evolving.

People who lose, as they don’t progress towards the life they would like to live, internally feel unhappier and don’t feel that great about themselves either.

I’m most cases, they numb this feeling with different addictions and short-term pleasures. But the feeling will not go away.

Life wants for us to grow and be more. Our biology is just set up in that way.

So, as winners focus on winning and do what needs to be done – their life is getting better and better and they are progressing toward their desires. Therefore, they are generally happier and have a more positive outlook on life.

4. Winners have a will to win

Real winners of life devote themselves to their chosen field.

To be really good at anything, you must invest tons of time and effort. Winners are willing to do so. They have a will to win.

It’s not because they are more special than others and have more will than others, but rather because they love what they do and want to be the best at it.

Life is rough, and many people want the prize.

To stand out and win, you need to be willing to do what is needed to win; however, it’s not always about effort.

Winners are willing to pay that price. Losers always try to find shortcuts.

5. Winners believe in themselves and their abilities to win

Now, this one is really tricky because this belief is not constant and solid. This belief is wavering and full of doubts and bad moments.

But beneath all that is this inner knowingness: “I can. I will. I must.”

Winners At Life

When thinking about your goal and saying these words, think about your loved one’s you say it for. When thinking about your goal and saying these words, think about your end result you so desperately want to achieve. When thinking about your goal and saying these words, think about the challenges you need to overcome

I can. I will. I must.

Now this deeper belief is earned by putting tons of effort and time practicing their craft.

Trust me, if you will try to do your best and really push yourself as much as you can and beyond, it will change how you see yourself and what you are capable of.

Going through those experiences will do the job.

Here is the truth of life:

Even though we all have the same potential, not many people are willing to push themselves that far; therefore, not many people are able to have this deep inner belief in themselves and their ability to WIN.


You can’t lose if you don’t give up.

It’s not that winners always win, but that winners don’t give up even if they lose.

When the winner loses, he might get little bit discouraged and lose belief in himself and his abilities to do it – but he doesn’t give up.

If winners would give up, they wouldn’t be winning in the end.

Like if you realy start to think about it…


Winners as they focus on winning FOCUS ON WINNING. They focus on what they need to do to win. Winners will put more time and effort in their craft to outperform his competition.

Winning is not about fast reaching the finish line but to do all you can to finish it the fastest.

“The competition is the easy part. Behind the scenes is where the work is done. Everything is done to get to that 1 race you need to run.”
– Usain Bolt

In conclusion:

The difference between winners and losers is in their mindset and a will to win.

We all can win, not at everything and be the best at anything, but we all can win in our life.

But to win in your life and live your life by your design, you need to think like a winner.

Apply this winner traits in your life and win.

There is a winner side of you, let it loose.

Comment below which winner traits you already have and which ones you would like to have?

To your ultimate success!

Sanny Fox

(the success guy)


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