Why Working Hard Is Not The Answer

We Have Been Lied To

Working hard does not equal success.



Here is why…

If we take out person’s individual experience: beliefs, ideas about how things are and work, or should be or shouldn’t be and look at life from an objective standpoint. We can easily see that to get certain outcome we want/need, we don’t necessarily need to experience hardship to attain it.


For example, a person could work really hard to cut trees with an ax or just use technology like a chainsaw and cut those trees easier and faster.

Now let’s say if the outcome would be to make money in wood business, and the way (process) do it is to cut a lot of trees, prepare them and then sell them. Then there is no point to do the process that leads to the end result in a difficult way.

It’s not required.

But if we believe so, we will operate from that point of perception, and, therefore, this will be our experience.

But the truth is:


The market doesn’t care.

How we attain the end result we need to attain in order to succeed in our endeavor is ultimately up to us.

To make the whole process till the successful end = success. How we go about it is up to us.

Why Working Hard Does Not Equal Success

For example, as I said before if in wood business the end goal is to make money and the process to succeed in it is to cut wood, prepare it, and sell, then how we go about that PROCESS is up to us.

A guy could work hard and use an ax or work smart and use an electronic saw.

The guy who will us saw will actually produce more and will have more time to do other things which will lead to the successful end result faster.

The reason why so many people so struggle with succeeding in life is that we have been thought to look at the world and live from this perception

working hard = success.

If you just put in a lot effort, you will succeed and get what you want.

All the motivational videos keep preaching that. In business, this is the main theme. And overall in the field of success, this is what people believe and operate from to succeed.

Because we have been thought to do so.

And so, so many people struggle without any awareness of doing so. Other people around them do and follow the same path; they accept this as a norm and the only way towards success.

Which is not objectively true.

2 Main Reasons Why Hard-Working People Fail To Succeed

1 . Because the time and effort they put in is not productive in relation to their end goal

One of the main reasons why many people put a lot of hard effort but still don’t succeed is that the time and effort they put in is not productive in the relationship to their end goal.

They do a lot of BS and don’t focus on end goal CLEARLY.

2. Because they don’t leverage other parts of the process that needs to be done to reach the successful end faster and easier. Usually hard-working people do too many things by themselves.

And it would make sense if we have been thought to believe that working hard will give you success. But this filter working hard = success blinds people to see clearly at the whole process and get it to the successful end.

4 Tips To Succeed Simply And With Ease

  1. Look at the whole picture

Look at the whole process of what you’re doing to get that desired outcome you want.
Then make a better process.

Then work toward implementing that process for that specific end result you want/need.

Finally, spend your time and effort SPECIFICALLY towards ATTAINING that end result.

2. Do more yourself parts you like and are very good at and leverage other parts of the process if you can.

3. Find people who already succeed at what you are doing and learn from them to shortcut learning and doing phase.

Wouldn’t you think it would be wise to get advice 10 days ago from you where you are now?

This is the power of learning from others who already have the success we want.
No point to learn from your own trial and errors if you can shortcut that phase from learning from others who already went that path and have a winning formula.

4. Take care of yourself.

Take care of your body and your health.

A lot of mistakes we make, which then we spend a lot of time fixing and in doing so waste pointlessly a lot of our time and efforts, are made because we burn ourselves out and live in this stressful reactive state.

So by taking care of yourself and your body, you will actually improve the output of your work.

From a stressful, negative state nothing good can come out.

Contrary, from mindful, relaxed, and positive state nothing bad can come out.

Take care of yourself?

Implementing these 4 steps will help you to work SMARTER not harder.

I know how it feels and how it is to truly give your all but still don’t succeed. I went that path myself. I listen to those motivational videos. I take in those beliefs and went the path of struggle and pain…

But I learned that there’s a better way.
There’s a straight path to success which we can actually enjoy. This is why this website exists. To help others to succeed in reaching their intentions with less effort by doing things smarter not harder.

To your ultimate success!

Sanny Fox

(the success guy)


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  1. This article was amazing and very enlightening. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, so that others can learn how to achieve their success smarter.

    1. Glad it helped 🙂 I’m passionate about writing stuff like that.

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